Basokund is situated at a distance of 35 kilometre each from Hajipur and Muzaffarpur in Bihar. It is a historical and religious place. It represents, the ancient kshatriya kund or kundgram or Kundalpur or Kundapur where Lord Mahavira the twenty fourth Tirthankara of the Jains, was born in the Jnatrika clan. The Jnatrikas were one of the eight clans of the vrijji (Vajji) sangha whose federal capital was at Vaishali. Lord Mahavira was son of kshatriya Siddhartha and Trishala of kundpur (Basokund) near Vaishali. Lord Mahavira was called videha datta (given by Videha), Videhajatya (born in Videha) and Videhasukumara (a good son of Videha).


Jainism is one of the oldest religions of the World. I t is an independent and most ancient religion of India. Jainism is a religion propounded by a Jina (Conquerer). Jina are also called Tirthankaras. According to Jainism there are twenty four Tirthankaras. There names are (1) Rishabha (2) Ajita (3) Samhava (4) Abhinandana (5) Sumati (6) Padmaprabha (7) Suparsva (8) Chandraprabha (9) Suvidhi or Pushpadant (10) Sitla (11) Sreyamsa (12) Vasupujya (13) Vimala (14) Ananta (15) Dharma (16) Shanti (17) Kunthu (18) Ara (19) Malli (20) Munisuvrata (21) Nami (22) Nemi (23) Parsva and (24) Vardhamana or Mahivira.

They taught five vows for the realization of absolute happiness. There five vows are Ahimsa (not to kill), Satya (not to lie), Asteya (not to steel), Brahmacharya (to abstain from sexual intere-course), Aparigraha (to renounce all interest in worldly things, especially in property).




Research Institute of Prakrit, Jainology & Ahimsa, Basokund, Vaishali.


This Institute was established as a centre of Post-Graduate Studies and Research in Prakrit and Jainology by the Govt. of Bihar in the year 1955 in pursuance of a resolution passed at the 8th Vaishali Festival hold on April 7, 1952. The foundation stone of the Institute Building was laid at Basokund by the First President of Indian Republic, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on April 23, 1956. The Institute is located inan entirely rural environment, quite peaceful and congenial to serious and sustained studies.


The objective of the Institute was to make it a residential centre of higher study and research in a Prakrit languages and literature, Jainology in all its branches, the principle and technique of Ahimsa and its practice both by the individual and society. The Institute has a well equipped library. The Institute runs Post-graduate classes and Research (Ph.D and D.Litt. degree) The exam nations are organised by the B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur. The Institute have other activities are Seminars, Memorial Lecturers, Popular Lectures, & special lecturs etc.


Prof. (Dr.) Rishabha Chandra Jain, Acharya (Jain Philosophy; Prakrit & Jainagram), MA (Sanskrit Lit.), Ph.D. is at present the Director of the Institute.